Scholar Fund
Maximizing human potential through access to higher education and workforce initiatives.

We help individuals get to college, avoid college debt, and go beyond to their dream job.

Talent is evenly distributed opportunity isn't
Our programs focus on rewriting the narrative to build more access to opportunity for individuals in need.
National Impact. Individual support.
Every student is unique and we work to make sure they're supported holistically.

Our Focus

We believe that access to education exists on a continuum. That there is more than just getting to college–that funding your education, avoiding debt, and accessing your dream job is a fundamental feature of higher education. We're here to help as many people as possible maximize their potential by going to college, getting through with minimal debt, and landing their dream jobs beyond.

~5,000+ college acceptances
Scholarship Search
$50+ million in scholarships
Winning Scholarships
$90+ million in scholarships won
Jobs & Internships
1,000+ jobs applied to

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