our singular focus

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize human potential through access to higher education and career attainment.

A nation of opportunities

Our Vision

A singular platform that exist to help students apply to the right colleges; find, apply to, and win scholarships; and land their dream job/internship.

Our strategic focus

We focus our efforts on what we call our to, through, and beyond pathway. Helping individuals get to college, get through college by avoiding debt, and beyond to their dream job/internship.

We first start supporting students in high school on their college apps with Scholarship Junkies. We focus on writing powerful stories and translate those same experiences into our scholarship apps. Within Scholarship Junkies we help students navigate the millions of dollars in scholarships and specialize where most organizations stop, helping them win.

We then help students navigate the career space with Radar Careers helping them fine tune their resumes, find the right jobs and craft a path for success.

College Access
College Funding
Career Readiness
Organizational Consulting
Scholarship Search
Scholarship Success

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